What is Outbreak?

Outbreak is an RPG campaign using the 'super hero' based system, Mutants and Masterminds. It begins in 2013 (when the game was first ran), and the world has been exactly as it is in the real world, until the opening events of the first episode change everything as a meteor fragment tumbles out of the sky, striking a military helicopter, which falls through the roof of a prison. Outbreak is about people from that prison who find themselves acquiring strange powers, and often so do those who encounter them. They leave the prison after Season 1, and after that, the story of Outbreak, as the name suggests, is about how the world changes around these people, both figuratively and literally. Is this a story of the world's first super heroes, villains or both? Or are these completely irrelevant terms? Exploring these truths is what Outbreak is all about. 

Outbreak is GMed (game mastered) in an attempt to reflect the style of high budget, late night, science fiction TV shows, and each game is presented as an 'episode', and the arcs these episodes follow are split into 'seasons.' The game is set in Scotland, but follows the pattern of American season layouts and approaches more than British; the idea is that it is mostly British cast and locations, but funded by Americans (in order to explain the rather action packed events that would be rather too high budget, especially on the CGI, for your average British TV show.) 

Outbreak Section Contents

Outbreak Episode Guides

Outbreak Season 1

Outbreak Season 2

Outbreak Season 3

Quarantine (for information specific to the TV series spin-off of Outbreak, click the link!)

Character Guides

Primary Characters- player characters past and present of the campaign.

Supporting Characters- all of the non-player characters, past and present. 

Factions- the various forces at work in Outbreak. 

Setting Information

The Virus- informations on the cause of the super-powers and the alterations it brings.

Locations- locations both fictional and real that feature in the campaign. 

Other Stuff

Quotations- for the players to wax lyrical on cool stuff they said (or that they remember the NPCs saying.)

Cool Moments- for players to reflect on specific cool things that might not be specified in the episode guides.