Quarantine Primary Characters

Season 1

Hamish McCrae- after his new experience of powers being his work colleague Ben Harrison trying to kill for, for what to Hamish, was no reason, this version of Hamish is somewhat more cautious in his heroism than the Hamish of Outbreak 

Tom- the local hermit around the area, also known as 'Crazy Tom.' Light hearted and rather spontaneous in his thinking, Hamish has constantly referred to his 'thinking outside the box.' With a new timeline, Tom has taken much longer to develop powers in Quarantine than in Outbreak, this time focussing on a far aggresive use of the ability to disembody his senses, in a way that seems to be telekinetic in form. 

Jonathan Shaw- a retired university statistics professor and known schizophrenic, obsessed with noting down little details about everything and something of a capable tactician as a result. His mutation allows him conscious control of his nervous system which improves his reactions, dexterity and fighting ability. With some practice, he is learning to control above bodily functions, like ignoring pain responses. 

Robert James- the local primary school teacher, polite and friendly, and as athletic as he is smart. Robert is one of few infected people to have an immediately visual mutation, and is mutated for nocturnal flight; his skin is scaled, he has black fur to protect him from temperature extremes and he has infra-vision and radar-like hearing. He is superhumanly strong, and his wings even more so, capable of deflecting bullets and battering his foes.

Lieutenant Craig Adama- a soldier on Simm's army base sent in to the village to try and keep order, as a local, who ends up turning against his former allies to band with Hamish. He first has the ability to make people forget him when he panics and learns to control it, able to confuse peoples senses and memories in various ways. 

Daniel Anderson - a prison officer charged with protecting the prison ferry who ended up taking charge when disaster hit after the prison break, turned himself into the military, only to escape, and is now a highly wanted fugitive, wokign with his old friend Hamish. He has a shape-shifting power which has given him a darker, alternate personality that calls itself 'The Dynamo', though it has manifested far less so far in the new timeline. 

Ralph "Ralphy' Phoenix- a ten year old autistic computer genius who is a hacker. Ralph initially has a heartbeat which releases enhanced bio-electric energy that can terminate technology or certain abilities of a bio-electric nature, but has his power swapped with that of Able, who is possesed of the power swapping power.