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Prometheus Entertainment is the wiki for information for all role playing games created by Christopher Dean.  Prometheus Entertainment is the fictional brand used by me (the aforementioned Mr Dean) as the fictional company responsible for the various mediums upon which I set my RPGs (films, cartoons, comics and TV series.) The Titanverse has long been established as part of Prometheus Comics, so it makes sense to extend the fictional 'brand' as it were, and it will also make it easier for me and my players to record the antics of any past and future games I have run, by connecting them together under this brand. If you do edit anything, can you please then post in the comments box for that page and write down in short what it is you changed or added. 



The Titanversedesigned as a massive comic book universe much in the style of that of DC and Marvel, with games/comic series that span time from Camelot to the deepest, darkest future. (Big enough to have its own established wiki.) The Titanverse is a campaign setting invented by Christopher Dean for his games ran with the Mutants and Masterminds RPG. There are a multitude of different game groups and campaigns within the Titanverse setting. 

Outbreakran in the style of a gritty, dark, yet sometimes humourous sci-fi late night TV show, this game began with a meteor bearing an extraterrestrial virus crashing into a prison and is about the people who contracted the virus, the superhuman mutations and powers they have acquired, and their attempts to escape back into the real world. Outbreak is an RPG ran with the Mutants and Masterminds system. 

Quarantinea spin off of Outbreak, also done as a sister TV series, this campaign is set in the village of Fallow's End, as Hamish, up-and-coming do-gooder with knowledge of the mistakes of previous timelines, attempts to save his village from various dangers, gathering others with powers like himself. Quarantine is an RPG ran with the Mutants and Masterminds system. 

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