What is Quarantine?

Quarantine is an RPG campaign ran with the Mutants and Masterminds system, and is a spin-off to its sister game, Outbreak

Like Outbreak, Quarantine is ran in the style of a late night, high budget sci-fi TV show set in Scotland, but has something of a more heroic feel to it, as the story centres around Outbreak Season 2's Hamish McCrae, and how he gathers a group of villagers from the village of Fallows End to oppose what he believes to be the sinister works of the local army base, run by General Simms, as they quarantine the village for a supposed extraterrestrial infection. Time has been altered by past versions of Hamish now gone, and he has their bizarre memories as their burden; Quarantine follows him and his group of well-meaning rebels as they cease to make sense of the madness around them and save their village from being turned into a giant military science experiment. 

Quarantine Section Contents

Quarantine Episode Guides

Quarantine Season 1

Character Guides

Primary Characters- player characters past and present of the campaign.

Supporting Characters- all of the non-player characters, past and present. 

Factions- the various forces at work in Outbreak. 

Setting Information

The Virus- informations on the cause of the super-powers and the alterations it brings.

Locations- locations both fictional and real that feature in the campaign. 

Other Stuff

Quotations- for the players to wax lyrical on cool stuff they said (or that they remember the NPCs saying.)

Cool Moments- for players to reflect on specific cool things that might not be specified in the episode guides.