Dr. Zachariah Volk was once a respected and well known psychiatrist, with many high profile clients from the entertainment industry as well as politicians. However, what his clients didn’t know was that he often sold small pieces of personal information anonymously to the media in order to make a little bit of extra cash. But, as it often the case, Zach got too greedy and sold discrediting information concerning one of his political clients during their election campaign. After a brief stint of living the high life with the money he made, his underhanded actions were soon uncovered and earned him a place in Crossmore Prison.

Not being of great physical stature, his time prison did not pass pleasantly as he was repeatedly beaten by the other inmates for being a smart ass. However one inmate took pity on Zach, the simple, giant of a man known as ‘Knuckles’. Seeing a chance to gain a bit of defence against the other inmates, Zach quickly manipulated Knuckles into being his unofficial bodyguard. Zach also managed to make contact with Norman Stanley, one of the delivery drivers for the prison, and set up a system for him to deliver Zach cigarettes which he in turn sold to the other inmates. Together, the protection of Knuckles and his contraband business allowed Zach to live out his time in prison from that point in relative peace (barring the frequent disputes courtesy of Carter Campbell of course).